Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun interesting dog facts and pictures

Where did dogs come from?

Despite what you read about where dogs came from, the truth is we aren’t 100% sure. What we are sure of though is the closest living relative of the dog is the Gray wolf. Dogs were the first animals we domesticated. Exactly when we domesticated dogs is up for debate though. What we do know is that man’s best friend has been around man for quite a while, the oldest solid proof that dogs were hanging out with us when we were hunter gatherers, are the remains of a dog buried next to humans dating back 14,700 years.

Fun facts about dogs

Dogs do see color but not like we see it.

What you see

What a dog sees

Pictures of Dogs

Border Collie
Border Collie
English Mastiff
Great Dane
Irish Wolfhound
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel