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More and more new moms are asking for baby shower books. It makes sense if you think about it. Of all the things you may do with your child, reading may have the most profound and lasting effects. Babies who learn language through hearing books tend to have larger vocabularies and learn other languages easier. Older children learn to love the security of curling up with a caregiver and a good book. In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents who read to their infants give them an academic boost for years to come.

Benefits of Books for Babies

You don’t have to wait until the baby is born to start reading to your child. You can begin reading to your child while you are still pregnant. That’s right, babies can hear books read through the womb. Research has determined that babies hear and prefer words that their mother speak while in the womb. It gives new meaning to the term “mother tongue.” In addition, setting aside time to read is a good way to encourage a pregnant mom to sit down and relax every day. So, just reading to your baby can have wonderful results to both mother and child.

Bring a Book Baby Shower

There are a variety of ways to add to your baby’s library. You can have a book request baby shower. Instead of providing your guests with a registry full of clothes and toys, give them a registry filled with some of your favorite books. Don’t limit the books to “baby” books. Instead add those classics that you loved as a child. You can include picture books that you can read now and will read as your child grows big enough to sit in your lap or curl up next to you on the sofa. You may also want to add longer chapter books to the list. Your baby is just learning words. Before birth and for the first few months, your baby won’t even know that the pictures go along with the words. Instead he will take his cues from the tone of your voice. So, it doesn’t matter if you read picture books or longer novels. Just be sure to choose books that you really enjoy. Your enthusiasm will teach your baby more about a love of books than anything else.

There are a variety of ways to invite guests to a book themed baby shower. You can create a “bring a book” baby shower inserts for your birth announcements. You can print up a bring a book baby shower invitation, with cute book accents framing your information. You can design invitations that look like a picture book with the baby’s name as the title and you and your partner as writer and illustrator. You can also use one of these cute baby shower book poems:

Whether it’s brand new, or a cherished classic
Help [name] fill {his or her} shelves. That would be fantastic!

Book are the thing that will make {name} clever
So bring a book [he or she] will treasure forever and ever.

Don’t just stop at the invitations, carry the book theme throughout the day with these “bring a book” baby shower ideas. Use a journal instead of the traditional baby shower sign in book. Have veteran moms add their best advice when they sign in to create a one-of-a-kind baby shower advice book. Cut thrift store children’s books or copy illustrations from your favorites on a color copier. Use the artwork to create a banner. Use the larger letters from a variety of alphabet books to write the child, or mother’s name on the banner. Serve book themed treats such as green eggs and ham or ask your local baker to decorate cupcakes with the covers of your favorite children’s books. Get plates and napkins that feature pigeon, or the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are. Use your imagination, but most of all, have fun!

Even if you don’t want a full book themed baby shower, there are other ways to build up your baby’s library.

Bring a Book Instead of a Card

Yup, you heard that right, lots of moms ask their guest in lieu of a card, bring a book. It makes sense if you think about it. A single high-quality baby shower card can cost as much seven or eight dollars. And what does the new mom do with the cards? Sure, she can put them in a baby book, but they will just gather dust for years until the baby is old enough to read the album. For the same price, you can pick up one or even two board books. Additionally, you can ask your guests to sign the book so that you and the child will remember their gift for years to come.

One of the benefits of this option is that guests can still feel comfortable with bringing other needed baby items, without additional cost. However, some moms get a little uncomfortable, wondering if guests will think that they are actually asking for two gifts. That’s where sharing the baby shower book message is so important. You can add a “please bring a book instead of a card” insert to your more traditional baby shower invitations. You can add one of these little book instead of card poems:

I know it can be very hard
To pass up all those baby cards
They may be cute, they may be clever,
But a cherished book will last forever.
Sign a book instead of a card.

A pretty gift card just isn’t a must.
It stays in an album all covered in dust.
But by signing a book, we’ll remember and share
Your cherished gift even when you’re not there.

Whether it’s Seuss or Captain Hook,
Instead of a card bring your favorite book.

What is most important is that you let your guests know that the book is instead of a card and at the guests own discretion.

Baby Shower Book Requests

So, you have worked your way through all the baby shower ideas, book request wordings and found the perfect book baby shower invitations. So how do you let your guests know which books you need? You can add books to your baby shower gift registry, or you can even fill out baby book shower gift registry listing all the books you want your child to have. Like baby item registries, these are simple to fill out online and give your guests the comfort of knowing what you need for the new addition. The link can be added to digital cards or printed on book themed baby shower invitations or “bring a book instead of a card” printable. Here are a few lists to help you and your guests get started.

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Top Baby Board Books

1. Little Blue Truck

This little blue truck can do anything, or so he thinks. When he gets stuck in the mud, he needs the help of all his animal friends to get him back on the road. Full of fun sounds, this book will be read again and again.

2. Giraffe Can’t Dance

Giraffe Can’t Dance Poor Gerald! He wants to dance more than anything else in the world. But he is too tall and ungainly to be graceful. But after some helpful words, he discovers that he can dance to his own tune. Explore your child’s unique talents with Giraffe Can’t Dance.

3. The Going to Bed Book

In this Sandra Boynton book, animals are going to bed all over a ship. They mimic the child’s own bedtime routine as they stop playing, get in their pajamas, brush their teeth and turn off the light. The story starts out rollicking, but ends on a quieter note, making it the perfect bedtime story.

4. Dear Zoo

Since it first appeared in 1982, this book has been a family favorite. Not only is the story fun with a new package arriving from the zoo on almost every page, but the child enters into the story by lifting flaps to see inside each package, hoping, like the narrator, that this time it will be the perfect pet.

5. First 100 Words

Your baby is absorbing language like a sponge. Help her out with this delightful little book that introduces 100 of the most common words your child will hear. Each word is accompanied by lively illustrations making this the first “dictionary” your baby will ever have.

6. Goodnight Moon

No board book list would be complete without this classic story. A little bunny delays going to sleep by saying goodnight to every item in his room, until sleep finally overtakes him.

7. Where is Little Fish?

Lucy Cousins, the author/illustrator of Maisy introduces a brand-new friend for children. But first they have to find him. Journey with your child lifting flaps of “seaweed” hunting inside treasure chests and under shells to find Little Fish.

8. Roar

Using simple rhythm and rhymes, Australian Author, Alison Lester introduces children to the sights and sounds of wild animals from around the world. Your little one will roar with delight!

9. Lego Farm DK Braille

With it’s chunky Duplo characters and its bright colors, this book with be a favorite with both sighted and visually challenged readers. The braille lettering allows blind or partially sighted parents to share this book with their children. It also helps children explore the words tactically as well as visually, giving everyone a more complete experience.

10. Baby Signs

Long before they can use words, every baby uses gestures to communicate. Help your baby learn to state his needs by teaching these simple, essential baby signs.
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Classic Picture Books

1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This rollicking, rhyming alphabet book will have you and your child dancing along to the beat. When the little lowercase letters decide to see how many can climb to the top of a coconut tree, mayhem results. It’s up to the “adult” uppercase letters to help them up and get things straightened around again.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

When a little caterpillar hatches, he discovers he is very hungry. Every day he eats a little more until he overeats at a carnival. The surprise at the end is a magical transformation for any toddler. The holes the caterpillar eats are drilled from page to page and are the perfect size for a toddler’s finger.

3. Guess How Much I Love You

That special love between a father and son is explored in this picture book. Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare try to outdo each other with descriptions of how much each loves the other.

4. The Runaway Bunny

Any child can tell you that the best part of Hide and seek is when you are found. That feeling of being wanted and searched for is explored as a baby bunny discusses all the different ways he will run away from his mother. But each time, Mama Bunny is ready with a solution of her own.

5. On the Night You Were Born

Explore the wonder and the magic of new life in the touching book. Together, parents and children can discover how the world was forever changed the moment each of us joined the planet. This book is destined to be read again and again.

6. Corduroy

Follow the adventures of a little bear that just wants to find a forever home. Corduroy feel that no one that visits the toy store wants him because he has lost the button off his overalls so he goes on a quest to make everything right.

7. The Snowy Day

Explore the first snow of the season with Peter as he goes through his neighborhood on a snowy Day.

8. The Cat in the Hat

When two children are left at home on a rainy day, a madcap Cat arrives to wreak havoc. A book that almost every family must have.

9. Strega Nona

When Strega Nona goes visiting, she leaves Big Anthony in charge of her magic pot. When he just wants to make a little lunch, he ends up covering the town in pasta. Will Strega Nona get back in time to fix things?

10. Tikki Tikki Tembo

As a first child, Tikki Tikki Tembo gets the best of everything, including a great long name. But when he falls in the well, his long name gets him into trouble, much to the concern of his little brother, Chang.
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